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Sluggo's Cub Club is the perfect way for kids to catch Ems games in the Summer FOR FREE, thanks to NW Natural!

Members of Sluggo’s Kids Club will receive:


How to sign up your kid(s) for Sluggo’s Kids Club Presented by NW Natural

  • On the Emeralds Kids Zone page click on the “Sign Up” button and fill out the corresponding information. If you are signing up more than one kid, there will be an opportunity to fill out more than one child’s information. Maximum of five (5) kids signed up/per form.
  • When you are finished filling out the necessary information click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.

How do I use/claim my Kid’s Club tickets?

Sluggo’s Kids Club Ticket Vouchers will be distributed to an online ticket account that corresponds with the parent/guardian email used for the sign-up form. It may take up to 5 business days for the digital vouchers to show up in the ticket account. Once vouchers have been distributed you will get a confirmation email.

There are three primary ways to redeem your Sluggo’s Kids Club Ticket Vouchers for games:

  1. Redeem them online through your ticket account. Have the benefit of redeeming anytime, anywhere through a computer or mobile device. When you redeem online there will be a $1.50 redemption fee/voucher. Click Here for instructions on how to access your ticket account.
  2. Redeem by calling over the phone. Once you have received your confirmation email you can call the Emeralds Box Office at (541) 342-5367 and our sales representatives can redeem the vouchers for you by looking up your ticket account.
  3. Redeem them at the box office. Head on over to our box office located at 2760 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and our sales representatives can redeem the vouchers for you by looking up your ticket account or by scanning the printed form of the voucher.

Please note: Sluggo’s Kids Club Ticket Vouchers are NOT game tickets and must be redeemed for a game ticket prior to your entry into PK Park.

Where do I get my Sluggo’s Kids Club Membership Card?

  • When you sign up for Sluggo’s Kids Club presented by NW Natural you will have the option to pick up a Kids Club Membership Card. These are not required for admittance into the game.
  • Kids Club Membership cards can be picked up at the Emeralds Box Office located at 2760 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Sluggo's Kids Club FAQ

Why is there any online fee for redeeming vouchers?

  • Because vouchers can be redeemed online anytime, anywhere there is a $1.50 convenience fee for each redemption.

Why will it take up to 5 business days for vouchers to be distributed to my ticket account?

  • Depending on volume of submissions we have provided amble time for our ticket system and staff to properly distribute Emeralds Kids Club Vouchers to those who sign up.

How do I access my digital ticket account?

  • Click here to view our How-To-Guide for accessing your digital tickets.

Why do I need to redeem the vouchers prior to the game?

  • Emeralds Kids Club Vouchers will not scan you into the ballpark. They must be redeemed for game tickets that will then provide you with an active barcode to scan into the ballpark.

When can I pick up my Sluggo’s Kids Club Membership card(s)?

  • Sluggo’s Kids Club Membership cards will be available by our opening game on April 12th and can be picked up anytime at our box office after that M-F 9AM – 5PM.

If you have any questions about Sluggo's Kids Club, call the Emeralds Ticket Office at (541) 342-5367