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Group Outings with the Wind Surge

Make a group outing with the Wind Surge the most highly anticipated event of the year! When you set up an outing with the Wind Surge you have the convenience and assurance that all your guests will be taken care of and will have a great time. Once you book your event, allow the Wind Surge to take care of the rest!

Our risk-free deposits offer an opportunity to plan your outing with the flexibility to adjust, transfer, or postpone if plans change. A risk-free deposit is a perfect way to secure your priority to select from the best game dates with peace of mind knowing you are in full control of your event. Book your group today by calling 316-221-8000 or emailing a ticket representative.

Group Rates

25-99 Tickets 100-299 Tickets
Dugout Select (Sections 6-8, 14-16) AR: $17.00 | GR: $14.00 AR: $17.00 | GR: $13.00
Field Box (Sections 17-18) AR: $14.00 | GR: $11.00 AR: $14.00 | GR: $10.00
Lower Bowl (Sections 1-5, 19-21) AR: $10.00 | GR: $7.00 AR: $10.00 | GR: $6.00
Outfield Berm AR: $8.00 | GR: $5.00 AR: $8.00 | GR: $4.00

Group Experiences

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